Ny fôringsautomat

Denne uke har vi vært på felleskjøpet og kjøpt en stor foringsautomat til viltforet. Fant fort ut at det lille huset ikke holdt for 1 uke. Den nye automaten tar ca 5 liter viltfor. Skal senere lage automat til dette foret også som tar 20 liter, men har foreløbig ikke hatt tid til det.

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  1. vaylind


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  2. franschy

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  3. venegbe

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  4. glynbir


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  5. frashald

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  6. frashald

    Deadline: August 17th, 2016

    We are a community-driven news service devoted to seriously interesting and often overlooked topics in the world of tech. We keep our signal tight, selective, and hard. We have no influence over journalism direction, we simply give you the news behind the news, with context, and no spin.The winner of the Sydney Open will receive $100,000 along with the title of Australia’s top golf player.

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  7. honbre

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  8. chipang

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  9. marjol

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  10. marjol

    The PreSonus Keystation 15 USB Operator features all the familiar trappings of a standalone hardware unit, including the same casing and front panel display as the hardware. Being a USB compatible system, all you need are a USB memory stick containing the software and you’re ready to go.
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  11. naiheat

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  12. peladayv

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  13. reddyud

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  14. danyjeni

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  15. hekche


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  16. kendpear


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  17. sadibert


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  18. yemielm

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  19. gindev

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  20. ragnaloi

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  21. abrymark

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  22. qubineb

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  23. aleaphy

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  24. nithtal

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  25. wesala

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  26. lilieith

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  27. yolacath

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  28. shawhit

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  29. hayddan

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  30. hirykadd

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  31. perbheid

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  32. noelgip


    How to get the secondary properties (parameters) of an Object in C#

    I have an object in C#
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  33. talchar




    WakeupOnStandBy – The First Wake Up Tool

    By time stamp: 3 years ago | Comments: 0

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  34. orehib

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  35. gerisl

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  36. yevfabi

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  37. latpri

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  38. jamiulri

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  39. frasjakq

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  40. sarwarl

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  41. berual

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  42. washelsb

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  43. greyann

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  44. donhors

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